Unniyarcha's Classic Jewelry Pieces That Are a Must-Have for Every Woman

Every woman has a soft place for her jewelry collection that she can never get enough of. The need for women to accessorize their outfits has increased due to ongoing fashion trends making a breakthrough in their wardrobe. In this situation, fashion jewelry has become a great way to enhance appearance by leveraging the art of accessorizing.

With the right assortment of daily wear pieces like silver jewelry, you can nail all types of looks. There are a plethora of options available in the market for women to mix and match their jewelry pieces, some being earrings, anklets, necklaces and more. While we all invest in wardrobe essentials like a black dress or blue jeans, it is equally important to splurge on jewelry staples for revamping the whole attire.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasonal pro, Unniyarcha takes pride in offering the latest collection of silver gold plated jewelry for women featuring high quality and affordable design. Without further delay, let's take you through the dazzling world of Unniyarcha’s dazzling world of silver jewelry.

Must-Have Jewelry Essentials for Every Stylish Woman

Silver Hoop Earrings to Match Everyday Style

Silver Hoop Earrings to Match Everyday Style

Fashion trends may come and go but one classic style that’s here to establish its legacy is none other than silver hoop earrings. No matter how appealing your outfit is, nothing can match the aura of fashion jewelry that adds the perfect finish to the look. These earrings are versatile and easy to style with all types of outfits. They look classy, trendy and stand out in the crowd because of their minimalistic design. From glamorous cocktail parties to professional business meetings, hoop earrings have got your back.

Everyday Ideal Necklace

Everyday Ideal Necklace

No outfit can be complete without a statement necklace. It’s just not a classic piece of jewelry but it takes the fashion world by storm. A simple pendant necklace is a fashion staple that can be worn with every outfit. And guess what? Unniyarcha has a dazzling array of options in silver jewelry that can add the right amount of glamor to your appearance. The best part is that these statement necklaces come in different stunning design pieces. Be it a long chain pendant or a basic silver necklace, if you are craving a little spark, Unniyarcha’s silver gold-plated jewelry has got you covered.

Anklets: Perfect Summer Accessory



There’s a certain beauty about the quintessential anklet. Every Indian girl is an absolute sucker for silver anklets for how elegantly they rest on our feet and suit both ethnic and modern looks. For an Indian woman, it is an essential part of her attire and holds a social and spiritual significance. Just like any other jewelry, anklets come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Whether you are looking for a basic design for daily wear or silver/gold plated ethnic designs, Unniyarcha has something for everyone.

Bracelets to Add Touch of Glamor to Wrist

Bracelets for women

It is very alluring to see how minimalist jewelry pieces like silver bangles can completely transform the look and take it to the next level. In recent times, bracelets and bangles have evolved as a must-have fashion accessory adding an oomph factor to even the most basic outfits. Be it a working day from the office or a casual plan with friends, you can never go wrong with silver gold plated bracelets from Unniyarcha. Their magnificently crafted accessories offer a stunning variety of designs blending modernity with tradition.

Toe Rings for Oh-So-Pretty Toes


Toe Rings

Toe Rings started to make a comeback in 2023 after disappearing in the late 90’s. Toe rings are mostly worn by Indian women that represent their marital status. A toe ring can instantly elevate your outfit with its charm and elegance. In this ever-changing world of fashion, toe rings have become an absolute must-have for married women and can easily be found in silver, gold and even crafted with precious stones. The most valuable information related to toe rings is to keep it simple and minimalistic. Make sure to choose band designs for toe fingers that feel comfortable while walking and still make your feet look pretty.

Easy Ways to Make Your Jewelry Shine Forever 

  • Store it Well- Investing in jewelry pieces is only fruitful if you know to preserve them safely. The way you store your silver jewelry determines how long it lasts in good condition. Always keep your jewelry pieces in different boxes and covered in a soft cloth.
  • Get it Professionally Cleaned - No matter how safely you store your jewelry, it still needs professional care and maintenance. Once in a while, get your precious jewelry pieces cleaned by a professional artist. If needed he will polish the pieces and fix the fallen gems or pearls.
  • Keep the Jewelry Away from Makeup Products - To avoid your jewelry from fading away, keep it protected from exposure to makeup products. While getting ready, always do your makeup first and then wear the ornaments. This easy hack will increase the longevity of your jewelry pieces and maintain their shine.
  • Use the Warm Water Hack - To clean the regularly worn jewelry, you can use a soft toothbrush soaked in lukewarm water. After washing, allow it to dry naturally and then use a clean and soft fabric to wipe off the extra water and dirt.

Bottom Line

There’s no better way to accentuate your current wardrobe than accessorizing your look with the right jewelry pieces. No matter what fashion trend people follow, jewelry is a sustainable source of accessories which can be styled effortlessly with every outfit. No matter what is your budget and fashion preference, Unniyarcha is a one-stop shop for every woman who wants to unleash her inner diva with fashionable silver gold plated jewelry. Go and shop now!