Embrace the Timeless Elegance of Clinking Anklets with Unniyarcha

Anklet, also known as foot bracelet and ‘payal’ in Hindi, is a popular fashion jewelry that exudes elegance and charm as it gracefully adorns the ankle. The significance of wearing an anklet goes back to the centuries-old tradition of Egypt and India, where it holds immense cultural importance. For Western countries, wearing anklets symbolizes fashion statements but for Indian women, it is the epitome of their feminism and roots.

From chunky gold and silver chains to color beaded options, there’s something for everyone in Unniyarcha’s exquisite trendy silver anklet collection. These anklets can be worn with any outfit and beautifully graces the ankle of the wearer. Regardless of your budget, we have rounded up the best anklet designs with bonus tips for complimenting a woman’s impeccable look.

Anklets in Indian Culture

The trend of wearing trendy silver anklets may come and go in western culture, however, in our country this jewelry piece is an integral part of a woman’s ornamentation. Anklets have been worn for generations by indian women and carry immense spiritual and social value and are worn by women of all religions. However, in hindu religion, women only prefer silver anklets online and gold anklets are prohibited as gold symbolizes Goddess Laxmi.

The silver anklets for women are crafted with intricate designs, adorned with embellishments like pearls, kundan, stones and more. Mostly a newlywed woman adorns her feet with anklets, unmarried girls also wear them to flaunt their feminine side.

Trendy Ankle Jewelry Pieces That are Both Stylish and Bizzare

1. Silver Evil Eye Protector Anklet

Silver Evil Eye Protector Anklet


Long story short, the evil eye jewelry trend has caught the attention of all jewelry lovers. With numerous designs and patterns, it has transformed from being a charm bracelet to a must-have jewelry piece. One of the favorite picks of women has to be an evil eye silver anklet which is an impeccable combination of a simple anklet compiled with an evil eye. This beautifully designed anklet design has our hearts and looks classy when styled with daily wear outfits.

2. Silver Plain Chain Anklet ( Single Piece)

Silver Plain Chain Anklet

The second addition to our list of timeless and trendy silver anklets has to be the silver plain chain anklet. A simple silver chain is made up of high-quality silver metal and its thin design makes it a perfect everyday anklet to be worn with any outfit. You will love its sleek silver design which can be worn in one ankle with a touch of sophistication and standout style.

3. Pearl Silver Anklet

Have the world at your feet with Unniyarcha’s pearl silver anklet that flaunts a minimalist design with a hint of statement pearl. This beautiful silver pearl anklet bracelet is delicate yet sumptuous and is perfect to wear on every occasion. The pearl anklets are lightweight and extremely comfortable for everyday wear. The anklet becomes more gracious with pearl beads and is best suited with both Western and Indian wear.

4. Silver Kundan Anklet

Silver Kundan Anklet

Unniyarcha’s exquisite collection of silver kundan anklets is crafted with utmost precision and these anklets are nothing short of perfection. Each design is adorned with the finest stones and comes in both gold and silver plating. Originally kundan anklets hail from the royal era, but with old fashion trends making a comeback, these anklets have now become a staple in everyday modern fashion. If you are looking for an extra touch of oomph factor, you should surely pair them with ethnic and indo-western outfits.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Wearing Anklet

  • Pay attention to the positioning of the anklet to highlight its design.
  • Decide the outfit according to the anklet design you choose. For example, pick a more casual outfit for pairing fashionable single-piece anklets. Similarly, wear an ethnic outfit if you are wearing heavy anklets.
  • Wear the anklet with the right pair of shoes to avoid discomfort in the legs. Sandals, flip flops are the perfect companions!
  • Avoid wearing anklets with ghungroo to places like work or any formal occasion.
  • Don’t wear anklets over socks.


There is a wide assortment of anklet designs in the market, but it is important to consider what suits your outfit and occasion. Many women often overlook this important aspect of wearing an anklet but the accessories worn with the outfit often reflect our creativity and personal style. On days when you feel like dressing up a bit fancy, you can pair your outfit with heavy anklets. On days when you want to carry a subtle and simple look, you can go for minimal designs of trendy silver anklets.