Silver Anklets

Why Anklets Have Been Around For As Long As They Have!

While in the western world, the ankle bracelet is a recent fashion fad, for Indians, this delicate accessory has been around for centuries, if not more. As a matter of fact, the first anklets were worn by the women of the Sumerian era. Excavations have shown silver jewelry that was probably worn in the legs, in Egypt and the Middle East and this is more than enough to show that this accessory has existed since time immemorial.

For years, the metal with which the anklet was made was what showed the status of the woman wearing it. If you were wearing gold anklets, you came from the highest strata of society, silver meant you were a part of the elite group, but perhaps a little less affluent. Copper and brass were meant for women who could not purchase the other two metals. In several Indian societies, an anklet was meant to show the marital status of the woman, and the anklet was also the preferred item of dancers.

Here are some interesting historical facts about the humble anklet:

  • One of the reasons why women wore anklets was because it was meant to be a signal or indicator – whenever the others would know that a woman is approaching, they would be able to welcome her with respect.
  • For younger, especially unmarried women, anklets were an easy way to attract attention. Whenever people would hear the distinct sound of the anklets, their attention would be drawn to the legs and feet and because they would not be wearing any indicators of being married, people would know that this is a marriage, eligible girl.
  • In several Indian communities, even today, the silver Payal is a gift given to a newlywed bride. In most cases, the anklet will be heavy, with a lot of bells and at times, even intricate ornamentation. The jingling sound of the anklets not only announced the arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house, but the bells of the same anklet would also often be attached to the toe ring that she would wear forever.
  • What is interesting to note is that most Hindu women would not wear gold anklets, because gold has always been considered the metal of the gods. Wearing gold on the lowest extremity of the body was often considered disrespectful and even an ill omen.
  • But perhaps one of the main reasons why women have worn anklets for so many years is because according to Hindu belief, by wearing a Payal, the energy of the body was returned to the body. It was said that the hands and feet send out vibrations into the ground and when you wear certain metals, the energy and vibrations would be kept safe and within the body.
  • Families would invest in intricate baby silver anklets because silver is known to protect against certain types of bacterial infections. When these anklets were put on babies, it would accord them a certain amount of protection against disease and infections.

There are also some interesting medical facts related to the anklets, creating more reasons for why they have been the accessory of choice for Indian women, for centuries:

  • If you have been experiencing constant pain in your legs, or a tingling sensation, wearing silver anklets could help. In most cases, these types of pain originate from the spine in the lower back and by wearing silver, you could help treat the same.
  • Women tend to be on their feet for long hours in the day, working in the kitchen or around the house and this often leads to swollen ankles. Wearing silver around the feet can improve blood circulation and help reduce the swelling. Before the same swelling translates into pain and travels up your body, you might want to find perfect silver anklets and start wearing them soon.
  • Studies have shown that silver can help activate lymph nodes in the body, which in turn helps boost the immune system. For centuries, the royal families of China would eat only with silver chopsticks, because silver is known to be able to detect certain types of poison. So wearing silver anklets can not only ensure that you are healthier but also protected from a range of infections.
  • Wearing silver jewelry is also known to help with a range of gynecological disorders, including obesity, irregular menstruation and even certain types of hormonal imbalances. Certain people also believe that wearing silver jewelry during pregnancy helps reduce labor pains.

The gentle tinkling sounds of the anklets have been believed to please the gods and angels, and when the woman of the house would wear them, the sounds would invite these gods and angels into the house. So, perhaps it is time that you get yourself a pair of anklets and when you are looking for India’s best-selling silver jewelry, there is only once place that you need to consider.

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