How To Get The Jewellery Look Right For Office

As a woman, you should be proud of who you are and there is nothing wrong in being in touch with your feminine side at all times, even when you are at work. Unless there is a strict no jewellery policy at your office, you can always have a little fun with your accessories. There is no denying that matching your accessories with your outfit is fun, but when you are matching them for office, you need to take a little more care and concern. You need to remember that you are at work and you need to maintain a certain level of formality. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind, while choosing jewellery for office:
  • Keep it simple – even though you might have a love affair with chunky jewellery, you might want to keep those for off days or when you are done with work. At office, you want to keep your look clean and formal. Look for pieces that are simple, yet designed to capture attention. 
  • Zirconia, pearls and diamonds always work really well for office wear, but you can look at other stones too, provided they are on the smaller side. As for metals, you could always look at sterling silver, gold and of course platinum. 
  • Never overload yourself with too much jewellery. When you are dressing up for work, just pick one or two pieces – so if you are planning on wearing earrings, drop the idea of a necklace. If you are wearing a bracelet, keep your earrings as simple as possible. Rather than giving into the feeling of wanting to accessorise every part of your body, pick one and dress that up in the most classy manner possible. 
  • There are certain pieces of jewellery that are always acceptable at office – your wedding or engagement ring, toe rings and your mangalsutra. While no one will object you wearing these types of jewellery to office, you might want to opt for more delicate designs, which will work well with your formal office wear. 
  • Do not ever wear jewellery that makes too much noise to office – so no matter how much you love your thick anklets or those bracelets with the danglers, keep them for social occasions. 
  • However, when there is a festive occasion in office or when there is an office party, you are more than welcome to show a little more of your own personality! 
Now, let’s take a look at how you can build that really classy office jewellery collection for yourself! There are some pieces that you should most certainly invest in:
  • Earrings – These will perhaps be one of the first things that anyone will notice, because it is your face that people look at and your ears are an obvious part of your face. Look for studs, because they are the best options for office. You can play around with various shapes, colours of stones and designs and you could also look at various sizes. If you are someone who likes danglers, you could pick out some smaller danglers. Try to stay away from very large danglers for office, because they might not seem office appropriate. 
  • Necklaces – While you would most definitely not want to wear very large necklaces, you could always go for delicate chains that have interesting pendants. You could go crazy shopping for pendants, as long as they are not too ostentatious! Multiple chains also look great for office, as long as they are not extremely chunky. And if you are ever confused, just a simple chain of pearls will always work! 
  • Bangles – You could always wear one large bangle or opt for a delicate looking bracelet. Choose colours that will work with your office wardrobe and you could even pick out colours coordinated bangles. Look for bracelets that have intricate stone work; diamond bracelets are a great choice for office. And no matter how much you love those multiple thin silver coloured bangles, keep them for your day out with your friends. 
  • Rings – Now, this is where you can let loose a little – you can play around with a range of rings; delicate ones are always a green signal, but you can go a little chunky here. Look for rings that will make a statement without being too loud. You can look for rings with stones that match your outfits or you could for standard platinum or gold bands with clear stones, which will work with all outfits. If you have an engagement as well as a wedding ring, you could always choose stackable designs, because they are really trendy right now.
At the end of the day, when you are creating your accessory collection for office, you need to make sure that you choose with care and remember that you are going to wear these pieces to create a positive impression!