Pinch of Luck - Unniyarcha

Pinch of Luck

 23.81  14.28

This ring from our Stardust Collection brings together our two favorite colors, Sapphire Blue and orange jade.

  • Adjustable sizing.
  • Composition : 20K gold plated brass with white trillion stones and faceted sapphire blue quartz and orange jade.
  •  Length: 1.5 inches/3.8 cm chemicals, perfumes etc-Store in zip pouch plastic bags ( Provided with our packaging )
  • Packaging : We pay a lot of attention to our packaging. The jewellery will be packed in ziplock plastic bags and then put in cloth bags. The bags are placed in a box with foam on top and bottom so that no damage can happen to the product. The box is then further packed into a cardboard box so that our customers have a beautiful experience the moment they receive the order.


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