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This gorgeous earring with uncut amethyst and rose quartz stones. Its a beautiful design with calming, serene colour combination of stones. Only one of this design has been created.

Length : 4 inches


$ 50.67
Summer fling

Check image for dimensions.

Gorgeous summer design with mother of perl, rose quartz and onyx.Composed of 18k gold plated alloy.

$ 22.95
Turquoise lapis earrings

check image for dimensins.

This pair with the turquoise and lapis stones makes for a wonderful color palette.Composed of 18k gold plated alloy.

$ 29.11
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Check image for dimensions.

Composed of 18k gold plated alloy, pearls, beads and enamel ,  this earring is all kinds of statement and gorgeousness.

$ 75.31
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Sun studs

Check image for dimensions. .

These studs are composed of 18k gold plated alloy

$ 14.63
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Chand earrings

Check image for dimension.

Perfect for that daily dose of glamour, composed of 18k gold plated alloy.


$ 15.25
Feather light

Perfect to wear with both traditional and non-traditional attire.



Check images for dimensions.

This design is perfect for both traditional and non traditional attire.

Composed of 18k gold plated alloy with stud fastening.


$ 26.95

ARJUNA was the third of the Pandava brothers and extremely skilled at archery. He is considered the hero of Mahabharata and along with Krishna plays a key role in the Bhagvad Gita.

Arjuna’s bow and arrow is the inspirations for our design.

  • Dual-Finger ring
  • Composed of 22k gold plated brass,rose quartz.
  • Can be styled with both traditional and contemporary outfits.
  • Adjustable sizing.
  • Jewellery care instructions include:-Avoid contact with water, moisture, chemicals, perfumes etc-Store in zip pouch plastic bags
$ 18.79
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Bestud white

Style these pair of studs with turquoise stone on top.

Length – 1.3 inches

Push back closure

$ 13.71
Turquoise sky

These gorgeous Turquoise stone jhumkas are 18k gold plated with intricate handiwork on the jhumka and pearl hangings.

Length: 3 inches


$ 56.98
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This pearl ring is our Limited Edition with only one of its kind out there.

Adjustable ring size.

18k gold plated brass with pearls and green onyx in the centre.

Diameter- 1.5 inch

$ 22.95
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18k gold plated brass earrings with trillion stones.

Length: 3 inches

$ 32.34